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PremiFold 76


  • A new high-insulation 76 mm system for high cost and energy savings –
    Uf value = 1.1 W/(m²K) alone for the standard version.

  • Max sizes for white color 4500 x 2300 mm and for other colors 3500 x 2200mm. With at least one turn sash and several sliding sashes, a completely opening window element can be made.

  • Perfected noise protection for enhanced quality of living.

  • Optional integrated burglary protection for greater security.

  • Easy care thanks to robust and weather resistant surfaces.

  • Lasting value thanks to durable quality on the highest level.

  • Ultra-modern technology for great handling ease and reliable functionality.

  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead-free stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.

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